About Us

Ladysade International Inc started as a small homemade business in Nigeria by the founder Folashade Onwuliri. After realizing that most of the spices in the market were not made under safe food handling standards and were not healthy for human consumption, considering the fact that she wanted good quality spices for herself, she decided to start making ginger, moringa and turmeric powder at home. Adding them to smoothies, juices, and directly into food.

The results from these self made spices created positive results for her hence, she started giving them to family and friends and the feedback was amazing. She then decided to make them into teas, at this point things became more interesting as people started making high demands for the tea. So she decided to take it a step further and to register the business and set up a production place. However, due to the lack of funds and stable power supply for the machines required, she dropped the idea of the tea and started making them into bottles as spices and started supplying them to stores. Henceforth, Florence J Foods was born.

In 2018, she moved to Canada and during the 2020 covid-19 lock down, she decided to keep busy and started making the spices from home, giving them to friends and families who loved them. From then on she decided to start it as a business within Canada and registered a sole proprietorship business, and in 2022 re-registered the business as Ladysade International Inc.

The goal of Ladysade International Inc is to bring a world of high quality spices produced under the best and safest conditions. Using 100% natural ingredients from all over the world so that people can gain good health after using our spices in their daily meals, drinks, smoothies, creams, soaps and any other way they chose to use them.

  • Maintaining tradition

    We design our seasonings to consistently maintain all of Africa’s traditional flavour and aroma. 

  • Natural ingredients

    All our spices are made from 100% natural ingredients. Ladysade spices are made from the finest spices across the globe.

  • Made with quality

    We’re intentional about our processes and only produce our spices under the best and safest conditions. Health, quality, and flavor are always our highest priorities.

Quality First

We’re on a mission to make healthy and delicious the new normal. Get ready to spice it up and join us.